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Twin R32 engines in an incredibly small package. Some NOS thrown ontop for good measure

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concept car, concept r36 gtr, gtr concept, gtr prototype, nismo, nismo r36, nissan gtr concept, nissan gtr r36, photoshop concept, r36 gtr, romanmiah -

Automotive design student designs the 'perfect' Nissan GTR for 2021. Using the body of the R34 Nissan GTR and brilliantly blending it to the iconic R34 Nissan Skyline creating the next step. The R36.

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Creating an aggressive & reliable hard top convertible by transforming the VW Eos into a gorgeous hybrid by swapping the front end from a VW Scirocco. It's only been done a handful of times, but it produces a real neck breaker

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How many RS200's were made? 201. 
A very rare car, a car that can rarely be compared to the replica as it would be like having Bruce Wayne and Batman in the same room, it's almost impossible. 

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