Sleeper Twin Turbo 8.2L Integra

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Sleeper Twin Turbo 8.2L Integra

Reddits r/Cars page has nearly 900k subscribers, its usually a lot of mainstream articles on how the latest Hot hatch compares to a sports car which is all well and good but every so often a home built gem crops up.

Today one such gem blessed my work computer screen and I promptly emailed the link to myself.

I've been a big Honda fan in the last year and its on my to-buy list since learning just how good the VTEC's can redline all day long and handle a reasonable amount of boost, add that to the sleek styling of the late 90's and early 2000 models and you pretty much have a winning formula. 

acura honda integra v8 swap

It seems the VTEC kick isn't enough for some people. This Integra has had a Cadillac subframe and 500 cubic inch V8 tucked right behind the drivers seat.Its also boosted by twin 65mm turbos. Unfortuantly there are no power figures but I'm guessing this gas guzzler is no slouch in a straight line. 

integra v8 cadillac twin turbo

You could find out for yourselves as the car is currently up for sale in Gerogia (US) for just under $28k. Below I'll leave the actual ad, it makes for a good read.

If you're the kind of guy who says too much horsepower is never enough, this 1999 Acura Integra might be the car for you. Subtle as all get-out, silly fast, and beautifully engineered, it packs a mountain of a motor wrapped in rather sedate bodywork that's bound to catch more than a few guys sleeping.

At first glance, this looks like a fairly stock Integra, and that's the entire point. These were already handsome cars, with their distinctive headlights and smooth contours, and adding a wide-body kit does nothing to change all that. It's so cleanly done that you almost think it's factory-built; the nose fits cleanly, the body lines are uninterrupted, and it gives the muscular little hatchback a performance stance. It has been de-badged and repainted, a glorious metallic burgundy that is almost too nice to risk on the street. But that won't matter after you dip into the turbocharged V8's torque reserves; sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. It's just beautifully built, nicely finished, and obviously intended to be a sleeper. It appears that the headlights have been upgraded but only an expert will notice, while out back there are vents flanking the taillights that give you the inkling that something is going on back there. Oh, and the twin exhaust pipes under the license plate. They're just plain cool.

Slide behind the wheel and you may not even notice that this Acura has been so radically modified. Stock seats show some wear, but they're stock, which is all part of the plan. The original steering wheel, gauges, and dash are all in place as well. That big B&M shifter in the center console is a dead giveaway, but the guy in the next car can't see it and it works rather well. There are also auxiliary gauges mounted down low on the console, keeping an eye on the big V8's vitals. You will note there is no radio, but one glance into the back seat area will tell you why, and that's where the fun starts. Everything aft of the front seats has been heavily modified for performance and speed, and the results are just jaw-dropping.

That's a 500 cubic inch Cadillac V8 tucked back there. That's 8.2 liters of muscle. But in case that isn't enough, it's buffed by a pair of high-mounted 65mm turbochargers blowing into a 950 CFM carburetor on top. There are two intercoolers up front, complete with their own fan, and, well, you can see the amount of work that went into shoehorning that giant V8 in there. It uses a Cadillac subframe and suspension to hold it all in place, as well as the Eldorado's TH425 3-speed automatic transmission, since it's the only transmission that fits AND can handle all that torque. Up front where the Integra's engine used to live, you'll find a giant aluminum radiator and a 17 gallon fuel cell, as well as a V1000 fuel pump. A custom exhaust system was fabricated to include the aforementioned turbos as well as a set of O2 sensors for wide-band tuning, and giant mufflers do their best to keep the beast quiet enough to hunt its prey. As I mentioned, it's insanely fast but thanks to the big Cadillac's inherent smoothness and the gentle nature of the turbos, it is anything but tricky on the street. Lean into the accelerator and the car lunges forward like it was drop-kicked by God, but it doesn't get out of hand. Some of the credit still has to go to Acura engineers for their rock-solid suspension tuning, and the 4-wheel disc brakes deliver plenty of stopping power, even for this monster. 17-inch Honda S2000 wheels help with the illusion and carry 225/45/17 front and 245/45/17 rear performance radials.

This isn't a car for just anyone but that's entirely the point. If you're a special kind of crazy that loves speaking softly and carrying a big stick, this Acura delivers in a very big way.


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