About Us

Hi, and welcome to the Project Owners Club.

We are trying to build a community of project car builders that is not restrained by which brand of car you are building, which engines you are swapping or whether you are OEM+ or going for a widebody kit, stripped and caged build. Car building contains many different types of craftsmanship which we enjoy to showcase on our Instagram page and in our blogs.

Over the years, depending on what we've been driving we have joined many 'Owner Clubs' which are great but you can then get overwhelmed and quite honestly bored of seeing the same vehicles over and over again, so we started a Club to show off all manor of car builds to satisfy the itch of the car enthusiasts that just enjoy seeing something different being created. Back in the day build threads were available on Forums, something that has been in a heavy decline since Facebook and Instagram have taken off, but the issue being they are hard to find. Well now we are the missing link.
The Instagram page was created to promote the builds we've been following and the submissions builders have sent in to us. To promote the Club we've built the website, blog and designed our clothing and merchandise. Our aim is to grow the community to its fullest potential. We hope you enjoy the content we provide and support us in any way possible, from a Follow to a T-Shirt purchase, we are endlessly grateful.

Many thanks,
CEO and Captain of 'Project Owners Club'