Mitsubishi Evo GTR - AWD VR38DETT Evo VIII

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Mitsubishi Evo GTR - AWD VR38DETT Evo VIII

evo gtr engine swap evolution viii

The UK is not a place associated with big power builds, certainly nothing over the 500bhp range very often. So imagine my surprise when I hear that one of the worlds most powerful Mitsubishi Evo's is here in the United Kingdom.

Don't be mistaken though, it isn't running on the usual rev happy 4 cylinder that it came out of the factory with. Far from it. This Evo 8 has traded in the 4G63 for a stroked V6 from an R35 GTR, I say traded, this project started with just the shell of the car and built from the ground up. Its now known as the EvoGTR.

I asked the owner, Conrad Bradley how far ahead he planned the project. He told me he used to own an all black Evo 8 drag car named 'Possessed', but when Conrad decided to stop Drag racing in 2013 he had the foresight to measure up the engine bay before parting the car out.

 evo viii shell project car build gtr

The 3.8 V6 is now a 4.1 and the twin turbos that come fitted to the GTR as standard are upgraded to Precision turbos and controlled with a MoTec ECU pushing out 1600bhp which was limited by the owner. I mean, 1600bhp is more than enough right? Conrad said the limiting factor at the moment is actually the engine block as they start to deform after 1600bhp. Billet blocks used by the high performance GTR's in the states are capable of 3000bhp. I asked what the most unique part of the build is besides the VR38DETT powering it all, the answer was maintaining the AWD system and also keeping it street legal too. It maintained the AWD with custom driveshafts and hubs as well as having the engine positioned well in the tight bay. Gear changes will be completely flawless down the quarter mile due to the 6 speed sequential gearbox.

 engine gtr in evo viii swap project owners club

The whole body of the car is customized with one off wide arches to house some much needed rubber to get the power to the ground, the wheels are 18x9.5 forged Prodrive. The purple colour is custom which is something the owner regrets as an off the shelf colour would be far more ideal, but the car looks great non the less. The interior is stripped and caged as you would expect with something as monstrous as this and to be up to regulations on any track its willing to visit. The car has been completed to compete in a number of different race types, not just top speed events. Conrad plans to use the car for Circuits, Track and Sprint as well. He has some high goals set for the car already, but looking at the set up I hope they're easily achieved. Hitting 200+ mph and a 7 second quarter mile . I can't wait to see this at an event myself in the near future and I definitely want to see it up against some GTR's with similar figures to see a comparison with the differences in aero and weight etc.

 Mitsubishi evolution evo viii vr38dett twin turbo swap gtr

All in all this is a eye catching build from the outside before you even learn of the engineering and workmanship that's happened within.

Watch this video of it in action on the Dyno and an interview with Conrad, the owner.

Follow the project on Instagram: @armchairtuner


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