Face Off - VW Scirocco / Eos Front end swap

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When you are asked to look for a 6 cylinder, European hard top convertible I imagine the last car on your list would be a VW Eos.

What is a VW Eos? Its based on the MK5 Golf platform and the only car in the VW collection to ever have had a folding hard top roof. A very practical feature to have if you want the top down on the only 2 weeks of Summer in the UK and don't want to hear the patter of rain for the rest of the year like you would on a soft top.
Paired with the fact you could get it in the economical 2.0 TDI or even the 3.6 VR6 and everything in between.
The problem with that car was mainly cosmetic. Only 3 years after its release, the MK6 Golf was produced and brought in a newer design of the VW collection, leaving the Eos looking 'old generation' very quickly.
There was a facelift for the car in 2010 however to rectify the looks but nothing remotely sporty even on the VR6 models.

Also in 2006 the VW group released the Scirocco based on the MK5/6 Golf chassis as well, and the mad people that I cater this website for quickly found out the front ends can be swapped... But its not that simple, It never is.

Trading the slam panel from the Eos to the Scirocco allows the addition on the Scirocco headlights, front bumper, hood and that's it. At this point the Eos and Scirocco fenders have to be merged together whilst also maintaining a wheel arch that isn't out of line with the wheel. The A Pillar also needs to be brought lower towards the new Scirocco hood. Sure its not the hardest piece of body work to take on but its certainly not for doing on your driveway with limited knowledge.

Swipe through the pictures below for better details on the bodywork involved

The results are awesome though. The Eos is actually a great platform to start with. Tuning parts and chassis upgrades from the MK5 can crossover meaning you have a wealth of after market parts eligible to be fitted. And now you have the quite ferocious scowling front end of the Scirocco, the luxury of a drop top and comfort of anything made in Germany. It's what the Eos should have been from the factory.
With the Scirocco front you get greater options for bumpers & headlights like the Scirocco R bumpers and Xenon headlights making it feel a much higher end convertible.

It's unfortunate that nobody has made a mold of the fenders and A Pillar area to make copies for those that want to do this but don't have the funds to put their car into a body shop for an extended period of time. Its even more viable to do this now as the costs of the Eos have dropped over the last few years and Scirocco parts are also easily obtained. The Scirocco/ Eos hybrid is a guaranteed head turner and like I said before, you're spoilt for choice with aftermarket options to fit and even OEM options. I'm a fan of the Cherry Red leather interior myself, paired with a MK7 Golf steering wheel and one of the great aftermarket Android head units to upgrade the dated Bluetooth tech.
A quality set of forged wheels and coilover suspension and you have yourself a neck breaking convertible Scirocco ready for your next VAG car show.

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