Journey to a 700WHP Mk1 Rabbit

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Journey to a 700WHP Mk1 Rabbit

I found the car in a field in Indiana and I when I pulled the tarp off it was "I’ll take it!" Not how much, I knew I had to have this car and didn’t care how much it was it was far to nice to leave.

The car has a 36,000 mile original interior.The paint was all original until I had some dents fixed. When the nice lady said $500 it was on the trailer in 5 mins and I was headed north with the car in tow.


Over the course of the next 5 years I had shaped the car to what it is today.
I bought a 1997 GTi VR6 and one of the early swap kits from Eurowise and got that VR6 shoe horned in. After the first season I knew I wanted more power.
So the following winter I tossed a Vortech supercharger on it and was happy as a clam. As spring approached I felt as if the car was I bit under powered for having a supercharger so I called up Vortech and ordered upgraded bearings and a smaller pulley.

mk1 golf rabbit golf vr6 turbo


I rebuilt the supercharger and got it back on the car, I also tossed a set of 630cc injectors in it and upgraded the fuel pump and some e85.
That spring I was out just grinning from ear to ear that car was a total blast to drive now ! 305hp/318tq.

So now it was the middle of show season and I wanted a change but I didn’t want to ditch the supercharger and go turbo, so I thought logically, and added a turbo as well as the supercharger to spice things up. Not many people have done that, it was rather interesting experience making it all work as it should, I ordered a stand-alone VEMS ECU and got to work.


I got the car together just before a decent sized show “Motorstadt” on the east side of the state and was happy as could be, until a week before the show I gave a Corvette the business and I hurt the motor.


mk1 golf rabbit vr6 compound turbo


So I sourced another engine and knocked it out in 5 days
Drove it as the first trip 150+ to Detroit and it didn’t skip a beat I took home best of show and 1st place out of all the Mk1s.
Now I’ve had the twin charged set up for a season I’m going to add the next best thing Nitrous!! Spraying it with a 100shot!
Now after all that she’s got a built motor and compound turbos and makes a bit over 700hp to the tire.
Now as the car sits it’s -
  • Forged rods and pistons
  • Bored to a 3.0
  • A set of 276 cams
  • Hd springs
  • Compound turbo
  • S366 over a
  • Holset hx35 7 blade billet wheel
  • 1500cc injectors
  • Custom water to air intercooler
  • Meziere Water pump for intercooler
  • A buddy and I designed and build the one of a kind custom billet short runner
  • @Autocraftcustomcollison did the paint
@harrybeets on instagram

vw golf mk1 golf compound turbo rabbit

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