'e-drive' Electric Polo 6N2 Show Car

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'e-drive' Electric Polo 6N2 Show Car

Project Owners Club: Before I let the guys who built this explain how and why they build this eye catching Dub, I must encourage you to watch the video below first.
A few things of note to suggest how extreme this build is are the completely custom panoramic roof,The electric drive components, single pedal, the frame-less doors & HUD.
I don't think the word 'custom' even remotely covers the uniqueness, re-engineered and revitalized 2004 VW Polo.


Julien Boyer, Builder: OUR STORY
We decide to rebuild this car after an accident back from a meeting in Ciney Belgium 2004. In this car crash our best friend and car owner Laurent Maman died, and so we decide to make this car in his memory. For last 15 years
we made this in secret. We are 2 owners Julien & Mathieu and made this project with very good friends that we are proud to call the « e team ». They are all best in their part and they are great professional in France, only THE best : painting, carbon, design, electronic, inside, etc..

This car is a show car, it does not not drive on open roads but it is possible, it is all functioning.
At first we wanted to recreate this car exactly THE look 2004 but with years we decided to ad our own ideas. We wanted to build a great car, maybe a historic car, 1st ever electric personalized toy, just because we wanted people to remember Laurent’s car for ever, just like we will remember him for the rest of our lives.
So the 2004 Polo 6n2, named 'RS', was the base of our version :it was Grey / full Porsche styling / Porsche Turbo wheels 17"/ Grey interior / DSP look S3 body kit / Porsche brakes / etc..
In fact we keep THE "must have" elements and, with time, we created our innovations on it.

vw electric conversion polo
We are extremely serious about those elements, we never regret them because they were DNA of 2004 version, that’s the only reason why we drive this Polo, certainly if we had to choose a car for such a crazy project we would not have choose little VW ! 
Of course the electric engine is THE high light of the build, but the Panoramic roof is much more impressive to people, technically this is THE most difficult part to be realized, we made it ourselves in the last 2 years. Everything is unique on our car because we are 40 year old tuners and we MUST not present modifications already done or seen on other cars we saw /like /want /have.


e drive electric vw polo

We are very lucky to receive a fantastic feedback from all over the world, from many different styles, we are from Tuning scene but VW scene is also very pleased with it.
We made it to 3rd place in best European Tuning contest in Bodensee & in 2 most important VW meeting, VW DAYS 20th anniversary by IDF GOFL CLUB in France and Risenation in Belgium. 
It is also possible to look at Polo in augmented reality with a mobile app or 3D virtual glasses, there are some hidden pictures you can only see with this mobile app so you can see in reality augmented how it was made and the work in progress, or, funny pics, or Laurent.
We have our Wi-fi system to connect your phone to Polo and look at one of the five wi-fi cameras which are inside / under / motor / front / behind wheels / etc
this is a web car with a great Facebook page and 5700 followers in only 6 month from all over THE world !
electric polo 6n2 conversion porsche

Of course SPECIAL THANKS, we are 2 main guys Julien & Mathieu who manage everything BUT our «  e team » is fantastic !
- Painting by Françis
- Modifications by Stéphane
- Front lights by Jean-Paul
- Front bumper & rear lights by Samy
- Design by Olivier & Thomas
- Interior by Alex
- Carbon parts by Sébastien

I really want to include that we are proud to be THE first Tuning car 100% swapped electric, not the best certainly, because we tried today to make the custom of tomorrow.
We had exceptional chance to win AWARD CRYSTAL OF EXCELLENCE by a legend of US custom John D’Agostino who said in public and private "This is the future of custom, I like lowriders and old American muscle cars, but THIS car is a new reference"

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