Brenden's Rebuilt 99' GSX Eclipse

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Brenden's Rebuilt 99' GSX Eclipse

Words by Owner: @squirtle_snap
My first GSX I got when I was 17 and spent the next few years working on and modifying that car with my Dad, brother and a few friends. It was a blast and I drove it as much as possible! In 2016 while cruising with some friends, an older gentleman made an illegal turn across 2 lanes and unfortunately totaled that car. 
Obviously that was a rough moment, and as the dust settled we started talking about what was next. A week after eh accident while browsing craigslist we saw a post for a 0 mile rotisserie chassis in NY and felt like that was a sign. Everyone always talks about building a car from “the ground up” and we felt that would be a really large but fun challenge for us. That weekend we drove to NY to get the chassis and I started the task of ordering every part and piece we would need to get started on the GSX 2.0. 
Originally the plan was to re use much of the original GSX as possible, but anyone who has taken on these projects knows that quickly goes out the window as you start to try and improve every piece of the vehicle. To the point that every piece and bolt on the car ended up aftermarket, custom or brand new. 
toyota dsm gsx eclipse rebuild restoration
As we started the project our main goal was to do EVERYTHING within reason ourselves, so if we didn’t know what we were doing we figured it out. The hardest part and ironically one of the more time confusing parts was wiring for us. Having never wired a whole car it took a lot of trial and error. 
dsm gsx eclipse rebuild restoration 4g63
I would be lying if I didn’t admit that a few times after some defeats we would sit in the garage just looking at the car, I wasn’t sure it would ever really get finished. We didn’t quite grasp the size of the project we had taken on as a few fellas in a garage. 
But after 2 years and some luck we got to watch the car move under its own power for the first time, and I can’t describe that feeling. Now driving the car is always an odd mix of fun, fear and pride. It’s crazy to think we were able to build a car that not only runs but runs and drives WELL. We still have a lot we want to do as some portions of the car we want to re focus on and clean up such as the engine bay as a whole, some more fabrication work etc. 
4g63 engine dsm eclipse awd rebuild tuning
If you have the chance to build a car with your friends in a garage, do it. It’s been one of the coolest memories I’ve ever had, and I’ll always value the memories of cold nights, 14 hour stretches and amazing conversations we have shared while completing a large puzzle with nothing but stubbornness, some mechanical knowledge, Google and a little bit of guess work! 
rear dsm gsm 4g63 eclipse
I always give a special thanks to Taylor (my wife who never complained once even after I missed multiple Valentine’s Day’s and EVERY weekend)
My friend Josh, Brother Joey and my Dad who together we did 98% of the work ourselves. The remaining 2% were handled by Rob Fig at Forced Induction Guys, and Nate from TPG Tuning who helped us with final testing and tuning. 
Prestige Auto Coatings saved us with some
Incredible paint correction
Carbonetics made all of our carbon parts including the hood, hatch, front bumper, flares and lips. 
Here is a quick mod list...



  • Carbonetics AB Hood
  • Carbonetics CSL Hatch
  • Carbonetics Lip Kit & Splitter
  • Carbonetics Headlight Vent
  • Carbonetics Wiper Cowl
  • Carbonetics shaved front bumper 
  • Carbonetics flares w/ nrg hardware 
  • Super original Nardo grey paint...




  • Auto power roll cage
  • Renown X Speedhunters steering wheel
  • Carbonetics air bag delete 
  • Billetworkz “Formative” shift knob 
  • Corbeau sears and harnesses 
  • Bravesouls dash blanks


Wheels & Suspension:

  • Fortune Auto 500 series w/ Swift springs
  • Baer big brake kit w/ stainless limes and ABS delete
  • Volk Metal craft bushings 
  • Work Meister L1 19x11
  • Megan upper and lower control arms
  • Bullfab tubular crossmember 


Motor & Drivetrain:

  • Vicious Garage LSD rear diff
  • Volk Metal Craft bushings
  • Built trans w/ Evo 1st 
  • Weisco Pistons & Crower rods 
  • FP2 cams
  • FP HTA 71 Turbo
  • STM open dump o2
  • ETS intercooler and short route piping
  • Mishimoto Radiator & Fans
  • JM fabrications manifold 
  • Injector clinic 1200 & fuel rail
  • Dynatek ARC-2
  • Buscher Coil on Plug 


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