2019's Top 10 Project Cars

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2019's Top 10 Project Cars

2019 is coming to a close and its been a mad year for projects and us in general. In 2019 we went from just hitting 10k followers on Instagram to 75k followers! Massive thank you for the support on the page and those who have supported us by buying merch from the store.

So with the growth of the Instagram page also comes the growth of comments, likes, shares etc so some of the top 10 have been picked on popularity, some are personal favorites, some have been suggested. They are in no way in any order, I've loved every single project I've seen or posted this year, and I hope 2020 continues to impress.


1. Fastback Porsche Boxster - Instagram: @vanthulldevelopment

fastback porsche boxster gt3

This project has divided opinion both times I posted it this year, and by far one of the most commented on posts our page has seen. Firstly, this is a Porsche Boxster 986. The front is from a Porsche 997 I believe with GT3 bumper, the rear lights are from a 991 and the rear hatch was taken from a Scirocco. I can't wait to see the completion of this unique concept and design. Whether you love it or hate it, it certainly catches your eye.


2. RB25 VW Beetle - Instagram: @themechanic40

rb25 rb25det vw beetle engine swap

Beetles have been one of the most modified cars of all time, the frames have lent themselves to multiple kit cars. I've seen the rear engine bay crammed with Porsche and Subaru engines even a Audi V8 in place of the usual air-cooled motor, but I have never before seen a RB25det powerplant from a Skyline. What shocks me most is that unlike most rear engined cars, there is plenty of space for such an engine up front, bar the radiators which are rear mounted. Once again, this was one of the most commented upon projects this year but loved by all. Bar the engine swap, the Beetle is getting completely caged, the roof has been chopped and stance of the car has been brought out for the wheels to fill the large arches. Hopefully 202 will see this roaring down some streets.


3. '87 Hilux, Lexus SC400 chassis - Instagram: @medallionpicante

hilux lexus sc400 v8 chassis

 An incredibly well fabricated build with very little being overlooked. A 1987 Toyota Hilux body on a Lexus SC400 chassis, lending its big four cam V8 and RWD to the tiny pick up. The before and after picture I posted for this build received over 24 thousand likes. What sticks out most, literally, is the wheels on this car. With the Lexus under-body the track is huge compared to the Hilux sitting on top, there must be 4 inches of rubber sticking out each corner. I know there have been pictures of some flares being mocked up but I love how aggressive it looks as it is. It has started to hit the track as well and the sound is immense and it sure can move.


4. Widebody Volvo V70 V8 - Instagram: @v70nv8project

widebody volvo v70 bmw v8 s80

A late comer in 2019, the project started in summer with a 2000 mk2 model V70. The car has been widened to the point it is now wider than a Hummer. With help of @render.richter a 3D model was made up, now including a front end from a new Volvo S90 looks totally dope. Also, the turbo blew on the original Volvo engine so it was obviously time for an upgrade, like a BMW V8. The project is still in the early days, I'm looking forward to seeing its final form in 2020.


5. Mk3 Supra Deathkart - Instagram: @kennethmelo

deathkart kart supra toyota 1jz 2jz turbo

This one is pretty self explanatory from a purley cosmetic point of view. From a boxy half stripped Mk3 Supra to a unique and curvy kart in some eyecatching colors. The 1JZ remains but its plenty louder with no body in between it and you. This post on our Instagram reched over 20k likes and one hundred comments, a very popular build. We love a deathkart.


6. Hellcat swapped Miata - Instagram: @karrmedia

hellcat miata hemi v8 swap

This car went viral and for good reason. The best engine swaps are the combinations you wouldn't think possible. Well, here is a Mk2 Miata in the brightest orange wrap you can imagine, crammed full of a HEMI with the supercharger sticking out of the hood. Not only does this look incredibly badass standing still, but is sure as hell can burn rubber and make your ears bleed while doing it.


7. Hydraulic Mini - Instagram: @juicedmini

juiced mini austin rover hydraulic slammed

Some more orangey goodness, but this one is far more compact. The Mini has to be the most modified car in the world, it has been around for 60 years now, but I can't remember the last time I saw a Mini with hydraulics, I literally can't think of ever seeing one before. This Mini can go from scraping its floor pan to raised up on stilts like something from 'Wacky Races'. 


8. AWD V6 turbo Peugeot 206 - Instagram: @peugeot206v6t4motion

peugeot 206 awd motion audi v6

The Peugeot 206 is the original boy racer car from my youth, and its still a good looking car til this day considering its 20 years old. In the Netherlands the 206 has been taken to a whole new level. Stripped, caged and upgraded to a V6 and boosted with a Garrett turbo. To help get this new found power to the ground the car now also has the 4WD system from a Audi TT/S3. Whats great about this project is the quality content they have sent out, the pictures are just as good quality as the welds on the cage. Greta work.


9. VR6 renault Dauphine - Instagram: @oxtaco

renault dauphine vr6 sema car project

I'll be honest, I had never heard of a Renault Dauphine before seeing this, and I certainly had no idea Renault sold cars into the US in the 50's and 60's. Well as it turns out, this classic french beauty had been left for 40 years in a Californian dessert of all places, which suits it well as they were prone to rust. After the purchase it was fitted with a 12 point harness, seats from a Mk4 Golf as well as the brake calipers. There's a VW VR6 is in the rear where the rear seats used to be and its sitting on a custom subframe mated to the original gearbox, an upgraded Stage 2 clutch and a new standalone ECU. It went to SEMA and broke a few necks I imagine.


10. 'Blackbndt' Franken-Volvo - Instagram: @blackbndt

volvo v70 v70r 142 164 swap chop

I've previously written about the Volvo 142r build and because of this I nearly didn't feature it on the list. However, how many people do you know that would chop the roof off their car on Christmas Eve?? Precisely.

The build started with a Volvo 142 shell onto a Volvo V70r complete with the AWD, now a 164 front on it. Automatic swapped to manual. I have absolutely no idea whats going on with it at the moment, but I can guarantee greatness and originality as per usual.



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