Double R32 VW Lupo on Nitrous

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Double R32 VW Lupo on Nitrous

It's incredible what I've seen squashed into cars since starting the page. Cummins into a Supra, a V12 in a Miata,VTEC's into Minis but this one really takes the mick.
The owner has stuck with an engine in the same family as the car itself, opting for the V6 from the R32, and not just one, but two! One in the front in place of the usual economical 1.0L and another in the rear in place of the rear seats. Also in place of the rear seats is the roll cage mounted with 3 tanks of Nitrous to stuff into all 12 cylinders taking the maximum output of this tiny machine up to 800bhp!
Owner: @bioxperformance
front vw lupo vr6 r32 nos 800bhp
rear vw lupo r32 vr6 v6 800bhp nos twin engine

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