Project Binkys Big Brother - MG XPower SVR

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Project Binkys Big Brother - MG XPower SVR

If you're like the rest of the project car community, or even the Car community in general then you have probably been witness to the Project Binky build by Nick and Rich at Bad Obsession Motorsport. The goal is to put the AWD system and Turbo 4 cylinder from a Celica GT into a classic Mini. It's not some driveway 'built not bought' situation either, the whole car has been reinforced, remodeled, re-engineered, re-purposed with excellent forward planning and a heap of fabrication and engineering skill. Naturally, after 6 years at this point, its close to paint, so close to an end. So whats next!? How will we get our fix of the tea loving CAD (Cardboard Aided Design) Wizards in Shrewsbury.

Well, in the following video, they teased to the following projects. Upcoming Peugeot 205 rally car and a MG XPower SVR. I love the Pug 205, it was one of the earliest project cars I got involved on that was owned buy a guy on my street (1.9 GTi Cabriolet),but, the MG XPower is a Unicorn of modern British motor history. Only 81 made it to the road, and the SVR model was going for £83,000 ($108k) in 2003. Somehow these lunatics have managed to get hold of a full carbon fiber shell that's gone untouched since 2003/4. I needed to know more, luckily the guys got back to me after a DM to answer my questions. The answers are short and sweet, I'm sure the guys are busy and maybe not even heavily planned the project as the Peugeot is up next. 



In the teaser video about the MG XPower SVR, you mentioned "You'd probably put a coyote in it". Is that also what you're planning to swap into it? 

Yep. (Short but sweet answer, I'm sure it won't be naturally aspirated either)

You said to me previously this was a 'Bad eBay Purchases', who on earth had this before you and left it relatively untouched since 2004? 

It had been dry stored in someone’s workshop, they bought a tonne of engines and gearboxes in a job lot and this was part of the haul. It sat for years and then made its way to eBay.

Part of your teaser video you asked the viewers for help sourcing parts. Did anything come from this? I imagine parts made for this are like gold dust 

We’re getting there, slowly.

What is the goal for the build? Its one hell of a rare car to be taking to the track, racing, hill climb etc.

 Road car – fire breathing, ear splitting, gas guzzling, eco terrorist’s worst nightmare. The last hurrarh of the petrol powered dinosaurs before we all have to drive milk floats.

In 2003 there were 23 SV(R)'s on the road, now there is only 15 registered. Do you feel pressure on the build to keep it original and unmolested by two madmen with an addiction to the grinder? 

Hell no. It’s our car, we’ll do whatever we want with it!

Will it be painted? I'm a sucker for the raw carbon fibre look

 We’re undecided about spots.

Spots may well be the in look by the time this project is completed

What do you forsee to be the hardest part of this project? 

None of it will be straightforward.

Will this project start at the end of Binky or will there be a crossover period in the near future? 

Finish Binky, then N/A screaming, wide track 205 rally car, then MG.




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