Not Your Average Cobra - Z3 Kit Car Build

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Not Your Average Cobra - Z3 Kit Car Build

Earlier this year I came across a kit car build that really tickled my fancy. Its a Cobra replica based on a BMW Z3, I've seen this a million times before but this was different, it didn't try to be a replica. What I mean by that is it wasn't Blue with white racing stripes, didn't have fake fans behind the grille and faux walnut dashboard. Denzel, the owner and builder modified the Cobra like it was any other car, adding a bunch of aero, aftermarket wheels and some interior pieces that wouldn't look out of place on the track. The following was written up by the owner @denzzzg and the car has its own Instagram page, @dnz_5.33, go check them out.


The Shelby Cobra is one of my dream classic cars, I had always wanted to own one and loved the story and history that came along with them.  Unfortunately I wasn’t going to be able to afford a real one just yet with a £100,000 price tag so with a bit of investigation, came to understand replica kits were out there which could go onto a BMW Z3 as a donor. The two were purchased pretty much at the same time and started building away. 

I wanted to give it a different twist with the racing attributes as I've never seen a Cobra in that way before, and the uniqueness was also to bring attention and awareness to my wrapping company “DNZ CUSTOMIZE”.

After 2 months of working on it, It was pretty much together and running, although I have to tinker and adjust things all the time. The future plans for the car is to supercharge it and of course wrap it in various crazy colours. My favourite part of the build was the interior. I hadn’t done something like that before. And enjoyed moving the instrument cluster around. Along with installing the IRP shifter and Momo quick release steering wheel. The whole inside and dash was stripped out and custom made again by myself to make it more unique along with trigger switches. The aim was to get as much BMW original parts off away from the car as possible. The hardest part of the build was the rear wing. I definitely wanted it bolted to the chassis to give me proper downforce, however this meant cutting into the boot and trying to fabricate something to make it work, it took forever, bit messy and in return have no boot space. But 'because race car!'

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