610bhp K20 Honda Insight

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610bhp K20 Honda Insight

honda insight hybrid engine swap k20 k swap


By Owner: @K20r_insight
What started as an electric hybrid 2000 Honda Insight has quickly gone through a journey of changes to become what it is today. It all began 8 years ago with a K20 Type R stock engine from Japan that was swapped into an EG Hatchback. After years of fun and many competitions, the desire to go faster arose, and so did discussions of forced induction. A Precision 6262 turbo, along with a custom setup and FID 2000cc injectors was put into the build. The setup was converted to E85 and an AEM Flex Fuel Input.


Honda insight k20 engine swap drag race


Fast forward to present day and the purchase of a red Honda Insight, the build took form to what it is now. Along with the turbo setup the original engine is still stock, with upgraded head studs. Other components include a tial wastegate and blow off valve, all with custom piping. Currently, the car is running KPro V4 with an EP3 Transmission with PPG 1 st and 2 nd gear, and Speedfactory 4 Bar Map. It makes 610 Horsepower. Aside from the difficulties of putting this setup into the smaller, aluminum chassis, a more challenging part about this build is the lack of readily available accommodations on the market. Quite a bit of this setup has had to be built custom for the Insight, as opposed to the previous setup in a Civic. Various parts have been modified to fit the build, from different years of Honda Civics to even a Chevy Cobalt.


honda insight engine swap k20 type r


After assessing the performance as a fully interior factory weight chassis, the interior was stripped and a 10 point Whitfield roll cage was installed. The car clocked 9.82 at 151 mph in the ¼ mile during the 2019 season. This passed winter, lexan windows replaced the stock glass windows. Total weight of the car and driver is 1,930lbs, with 100lbs of that weight being lead bricks added to the underside of the front bumper. The next step will be a parachute and a fiancée mandated thorough inspection on safety any equipment before it sees the track again this season. Although the “sleeper” factor often gets the Insight
overlooked as serious competition, this car has no problem accepting challenges on the track. The future is bright and possibilities for change are endless. You never know what might develop in the coming year.


honda engine type r engine swap insight
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